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Frequently Asked Questions


How do we know what time our team should show up for their picture time?  Your league will provide you with a schedule showing your team’s scheduled time.  All teams/players should be at the location 15 minutes prior to their scheduled time slot.


Why do we need to be early?  We pride ourselves on keeping Photo Day on schedule.  By arriving early you can complete the check-in process and be ready to be photographed at your scheduled time.


What if some members of our team are not on time?  We reserve the right to “bump” one team to a later time if there is another team that is completely ready to have their photographs taken.


Can my children be photographed together?  Of course your children may be photographed together.  If they are also being photographed separately they will need separate envelopes.


How do you handle children/players with two (2) sets of parents?  Each parent should fill out an envelope and the child/player needs to bring both when he/she arrives on Photo Day.


Do you accept cash?  Yes.  Exact change is preferred.


Do you accept credit cards?  Yes.  We accept all major credit and debit cards.  Please note there is a $20 minimum charge for credit and debit card orders.


If I like my photos can I re-order more?  Yes.  Please visit our website at          


Can I pay with one check for more than one child?  Yes.  You may pay with one check for more than one child.  Just be sure to reference on the envelope where the payment is located.


Can I mail in my order?  If you are unable to complete your order on Photo Day you may order from our website (  If you do not have computer access you may call us at (386) 935-1222.  You will be responsible for shipping costs for these orders.